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Devbagh Beach

If you are fond of the beaches and lakes, come and enjoy your days at Devbagh Beach, one of the peculiar beaches in India. Located on the North of Karnataka and a few minutes drive away from the famous beaches of Goa, Devbagh Beach is one of the most beautiful and enthralling beaches in the country.

Devbagh Beach is not only famous for the cool breeze and the golden sands, but is also famous for the water sports and fun. Here you can see people engaged in a variety of water sports like fishing, dolphin hunting, sailing, and more. If you are one of those who are captured by the depth of the sea, you can go for kayaking or snorkeling with the assistance from professionals. These activities are offered by Devbagh beach resorts located near the beach.

Devbagh beach resorts are the ideal way to enjoy the days at Devbagh. They promise wholesome entertainment in the form of activities, comfort, luxury and food. Devbagh beach resorts are equipped with modern facilities like those available in five star hotels. However, these resorts also maintain the charm of a sea beach resort. They are made of naturally available materials like bamboo, palms and wood. The interior and exterior of these huts are designed to make them look ethnic resorts that are appealing to both foreigners and native tourists.

There is no better way to enjoy every breath of the waters. Devbagh Beach is a special island beach that faces the mighty Arabian Sea on one side and the dense Western Ghats on the other, so here you get to enjoy the natural freshness and fragrance of both the sea and the forests. The beautiful lakes formed from the little springs of the Western Ghats are perfect for a shower. The sporty waves on the western side are the true companion of the naughty in you. Have fun and get a handful of beach experience that you will relish for your lifetime!

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