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With its natural beauty and rapturous visitors, the sea beach of Devbagh makes you get immersed in nature. The picturesque town of Devbagh is located north of Karnataka, just 2-hour drive from South of Goa. Like Goan beaches, Devbagh and its resorts are gaining significant status in the tourist map of India. The beach is accessible from Karwar, which again is sandwiched between the Arabian Sea on the western side and the Western Ghats on the eastern side.

If you are looking for a holiday at golden beaches of Arabian Sea, here it is. Devbagh beaches are fully equipped to entertain tourists with a number of offerings. The tourist-friendly climate and people make these beaches the popular weekend destination of all tourists, both from India and abroad.

Majali Beach Village in Devbagh is an attractive beach resort constructed for the beach-loving tourists. You can find a soothing environment at these row cottages stretched along the beaches. On one side you can enjoy the beauty of the vast sea while on the other side you will get the view of the clear lakes of the Western Ghats. Designed in typical natural environment, the beach resort offers a calm and pleasing environment for the tourists.

In association with various water sports clubs, the Majali Beach Village resort offers a variety of water sports and adventure activities including boating, fishing, dolphin hunting, sailing, kayaking, and more. If you are interested in joining these activities, you can get all the help and guidance from the resort.

Devbagh resort also offers a restaurant with a wide choice of cuisines, especially the mouth-watering preparations of fresh water mollusks and crabs. There are a good number of other dishes including the rare vegetable preparations. The restaurant and the premises are sanitized and no alcohol products are served in and near the restaurant. Tourists can enjoy their days at Devbagh without worrying about anything. Experience your life at Devbagh!

with your debit card get 5% worth restaurant gift voucher *