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Karwar Resorts – Hotels in Karwar

Karwar is a beautiful beach town located near the Karnataka-Goa border. The place is attracting scores of tourists interested in seaside tourism. Karwar resorts located near the beach offer all facilities to tourists. They serve the guests with their favorite seafood recipes, and help them enjoy the most during their holidays in Karwar.

The resorts in Karwar are designed with a natural theme. The entire structure is made of eco-friendly materials and decorated with traditional luxury items. There is ample space for the guests to loiter around the cottage enjoying the cool breeze from the waters. On one side of the Karwar resorts you can see the beautiful lakes, while on the other side there are the charming waves of the Arabian Sea.

Karwar resorts offer maximum enjoyment to tourists. Also included in their service card are amusing and adventurous water sports activities. Interested guests can take part in boating, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin hunting, and more. Karwar resorts provide all the equipment and training required to practice these adventurous sports in the lake or sea.

To satiate the taste buds of native and foreign tourists, Karwar resorts serve mouthwatering seafood varieties prepared from the fresh water mussels and sea fish. There are several special Goan dishes available at the restaurants attached to Karwar resorts. Tourists can have a good meal and enjoy the sunshine on the golden beaches of Karwar.

If you are planning a trip to Karwar, book your accommodation in one of these Karwar resorts located at the seafront. They provide you with a cozy evening and a fresh morning in a naturally designed surrounding. They are furnished with all modern amenities including ensuite bathrooms, bamboo sofas, fans, refrigerator, and the like all in a natural setting. For sure, you will enjoy each moment of your stay at this beautiful seaside town.

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