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Is this property is located on beach?
Yes it is on the beach only.
How far is beach from rooms?
It is 20 to 30 meters from the room.
Is rooms are with attached bath room?
Yes all the rooms are with attached bath room.
Do you have restaurant?
Yes we have veg/non veg more of sea food with us prepaired with local konkan recipes no artificial tast will be aded.
why alcohol is not allowed in your resort?
It is purly non alcoholic resort we expect our guests to come with families and enjoy the nature rhythm of the sea the colour full birds the local food etc…
In your website one lake is shown what is it?
It is a small lake. We call it a lake some peopl call it pond.
what all activities are there in your resort ? We have kayaking pedal boat pole and line fishing activities in lake as we have small lake in our property in door out door games.


one travelers say your place is expensive is it so ?
In fact we need to give long explanation the true rich guest who are busy in there daily life will never coment our place because they have experienced the places around the world.
The new guest will never get satisfied with any kind of hospitality.
In fact the main problem with this type of guest is alcohol as we are very strict non alcoholic resort .
Any sports in your resort?
Yes we have both indoor, outdoor, adventure, sports like beach volleyball, cricket, football, caremboard, outdoore snake and lader foosball ect……
We are pure vegetarian what type of veg food we get at your restaurant?
In our resturent pure vegetarian food is available in our kitchen they have kept separate vessels for veg preperation. You get chapati , rice, dry veg curry curds khurma etc…..
Since we have a baby, we need a stove to cook some baby food. Can that be arranged in the restaurant kitchen for us?
Yes in resturent kitchen they will cooperate.
Are the rooms/resort close to beach/beach facing?
It is on the beach after sea bath you csn have shower in resort.